SFP pallet stacker ML1212P

Price depends on machine configuration.

The SFP pallet stacker ML1212P from the MaxLine series, with a maximum size of 1200×1200, is designed for stacking pallets:

  • without rotating the pallets
  • with alternate rotation of every other pallet

Possibility of ordering a machine from the EkoLine series.


Pallet stacker – a machine designed according to customer specifications. It has an automatic function of changing the size of pallets to EPAL 1, EPAL 2, EPAL 3 without unnecessary additional operations. Simply select the exact size pallet you want to stack on the machine’s control panel, confirm, and that’s it. It’s that easy! No keys!

Additional information

Supply voltage


Control voltage


Air pressure

8 – 10 bar

Maximum power

3,5 kW

Machine weight