Belt Conveyor with a Magnetic Drum PTMP 075-350

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The PTMP 075-350 belt conveyor with a magnetic drum was designed on the basis of the guidelines of companies which collect beverage and other cans from local suppliers.

It is well known that some of these suppliers are unreliable. The PTMP 075-350 conveyor dispels any doubts about the quality of the material delivered in a professional manner. The height can be adjusted in six points according to the operator’s needs.


  • The magnetic drum is made of acid-resistant steel. Nine zones using neodymium magnets ensure efficient fraction separation
  • Mobile, rigid structure
  • The well-thought-out design of the conveyor ensures operator safety.

Additional information

Motor power

0,75 KW

Supply voltage

400 V

Linear velocity of the belt


Working length of conveyor belt

350 cm


630 mm